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"Through my service in Lancaster County, on the Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education, and in nonprofits I have proven to be one who advocates for conservative values and who can be trusted to do what I say. I look forward to bringing those same qualities to the
Lancaster County Board of Commissioners."

It is disheartening that improving our infrastructure has failed to be prioritized by the Lancaster County Commission in recent years. Roads and bridges throughout District 3 and across the county remain in disrepair and continue to be neglected by the current commission. It’s time that infrastructure be reprioritized in the budgeting process, and most importantly,  it’s time to think forward to the East Beltway. We need modern-day infrastructure that fosters the growth of the entire county.

Juvenile Justice Reform

As a regular volunteer inside Lancaster County’s juvenile facilities, I have seen first hand the strengths and weaknesses of our current laws, structure and facilities. I will advocate for changes that will lead to healthier outcomes for juveniles in the system, as well as for a better, safer community. 

Property Taxes

The consistent increase of property taxes by Lancaster County has residents frustrated with the amounts they are asked to pay. It’s time to listen to the people when it comes to property taxes and advocate for more efficiency in spending taxpayer’s dollars. I will advocate for fiscal responsibility when on the commission.

Conservative Values

As a lifelong, pro-life Republican, I am proud to represent the conservative values that so many of us hold dear. I promise to stand up for these values when I am representing District 3 on the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners.

Green Energy / Wind or Solar Farms

I am supportive of utilizing energy produced by non-fossil fuel sources. I also believe the erection of wind and solar farms should be far away from population centers so as not to inhibit growth of cities and counties. Wind farms in Iowa, Illinois, and Colorado are far from cities and population centers.